DDW 2016: Stem Cells Help Heal Perianal Fistulas, Increasing Rates of Colorectal Cancer in Younger Individuals, and Agents Effective Against HCV Genotypes 1–6

Researchers reported important findings on a variety of gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders at Digestive Disease Week in San Diego. – A small, phase 1 study reported that a bioprosthesis plug soaked in autologous mesenchymal stem cells helped heal refractory perianal fistulas that commonly occur in patients with Crohn’s disease. Amy

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  • An Effective and Long-lasting Hepatitis E Vaccine

An Effective and Long-lasting Hepatitis E Vaccine

A long-term study of a hepatitis E virus (HEV) vaccine showed that it is 86.8% effective and that immunity can last for up to 4.5 years. In a blinded, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trial, Jun Zhang et al randomly assigned 112,604 healthy adults in Dongtai (in the Jiangsu province of China)

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  • Can Mesalamine Prevent Diverticulitis Recurrence?

Can Mesalamine Prevent Diverticulitis Recurrence?

Mesalamine is no better than placebo in preventing recurrent diverticulitis, and is not recommended for its treatment, researchers conclude from 2 international phase 3 studies. The findings are published in the October issue of Gastroenterology. Diverticular disease is characterized by formation of small pouches (diverticula) that push outward through weak spots in the colon wall.  Diverticulitis

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