• Time for Peer Review Week!

Time for Peer Review Week!

September 19th to 25th is Peer Review Week! Peer Review Week is a global event celebrating the essential role that peer review has in maintaining scientific quality. The goal is to bring together individuals, institutions, and organizations committed to sharing the central message that good peer review, whatever shape or form it

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  • Special Issue: Food, the Immune System, and the GI Tract

Special Issue: Food, the Immune System, and the GI Tract

The digestion of food and absorption of nutrients is the principal role of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract—everyone wants to know what we should eat and how it affects our body. Interactions between food and the immune system affect our microbiome, development of food allergies, nutrition, risk for inflammatory disorders or cancer, and even

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  • How to Get Rid of H pylori Infection—And do we Need to?

How to Get Rid of H pylori Infection—And do we Need to?

Helicobacter pylori infection increases risk of gastric cancer, by inducing inflammation and genetic instability in the gastric mucosa. However, it is not clear how best to clear the infection, or even whether H pylori can provide some health benefits. In a Review article in the April issue of Gastroenterology, David Y. Graham discusses the mechanisms H pylori–induced carcinogenesis and

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  • Review: LGR5 and Intestinal Stem Cells

Review: LGR5 and Intestinal Stem Cells

Since the discovery of LGR5 as a marker of intestinal stem cells, we have learned a great deal about the intestinal crypt stem cell niche. In the August issue of Gastroenterology Bon-Kyoung Koo and Hans Clevers review the discovery of crypt base columnar cells as LGR5+ adult stem cells and

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A Special Issue: the Exocrine Pancreas and its Disorders

Everything you ever wanted to know about the pancreas, its development and function, and the pathogenesis and treatment of its disorders are now covered in a special issue of Gastroenterology. Pancreatology is a rapidly developing field—recent findings from molecular and genetic studies are being developed into new treatment strategies. To update

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A Special Issue on Viral Hepatitis

The May issue of Gastroenterology features a very special supplement—“Viral Hepatitis: A Changing Field”—comprising 17 review and commentary articles from international leaders in hepatitis treatment and research. The issue provides insight into the rapid progress made in the treatment and management of patients with viral hepatitis, as well as our

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