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500 Posts by the AGA Journals Blog

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This week the AGA Journals Blog has reached an important milestone — its 500th post!

The blog was started in 2010 to help disseminate the important discoveries published in the AGA Journals to a broader audience. Eight years and over 132,000 views later, it has updated its readers on everything from biomarkers for colon cancer, to treatment for Crohn’s disease or risk factors for ulcerative colitis, to in vitro mini-stomachs, to the effects of FODMAPs in patients with IBS, to pediatric fatty liver disease, to pathogenic mechanisms of pancreatitis, to tests for esophageal sensitization, to risk factors for oral cancer, to the adverse outcomes of eating competitions.

The most highly viewed post, viewed by 41,000 readers, discusses a CGH article reporting surgical complications that can cause weight gain after gastric bypass surgery. The post received almost 170 comments, many from frustrated patients.

Another post viewed by more than 17,500 readers summarized a CGH article reporting that in patients with recurrent acute pancreatitis, total pancreatectomy with islet autotransplantation reduced pain and requirements for narcotic therapy.

One year ago, a post discussing the potential adverse consequences of proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) therapy, described in a Gastroenterology review article, also received more than 17,000 views.

When we started the blog we had no idea it would last to long and have so broad a reach. We are proud that it has become a place for clinicians, scientists, students, and patients to learn more about mechanisms of GI and hepatologic disease and therapeutic strategies. We are sure that the next 500 posts will bring you even more amazing discoveries and advances from biomedical research. Thank you for your continued readership and support!


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Dr. Kristine Novak

Dr. Kristine Novak

Dr. Kristine Novak is a science writer and editor based in San Francisco. She has extensive experience covering gastroenterology, hepatology, immunology, oncology, clinical, and biotechnology research discoveries.

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