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A Special Issue: the Exocrine Pancreas and its Disorders

Everything you ever wanted to know about the pancreas, its development and function, and the pathogenesis and treatment of its disorders are now covered in a special issue of Gastroenterology.

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Pancreatology is a rapidly developing field—recent findings from molecular and genetic studies are being developed into new treatment strategies. To update readers on the latest findings, as well as provide them with a historical perspective of the field, Gastroenterology presents The Pancreas: Biology, Diseases, and Therapy. The issue contains 17 review and commentary articles written by leading experts in pancretology research, covering everything from the basic biology of the pancreas to pancreatic disorders and therapeutic strategies.

Editors Diane Simeone and Stephen Pandol say that they hope this resource will “inspire our readers not only by knowledge transfer but also in ways that will lead to new discoveries and therapies to improve the lives of patients afflicted with pancreatic disorders”.

Review the full table of contents for the special issue.
The pancreas: biology, diseases and therapy. Gastroenterology 2013;144:1163-1326.

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Dr. Kristine Novak

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