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Welcome to the new and improved AGA Journals Blog! We have redesigned our blog to make it easier to navigate, and will provide more frequent updates on GI and hepatology research findings. As always, the AGA Journals Blog will be your place to learn about the latest research discoveries, advances in treatment, and technologies for the GI tract, liver, and pancreas. We also will be including new sources of information including Q&A sessions with researchers, podcasts, and videos. All articles are now categorized (see the box on the right) to make it easier to find what you are looking for—whether it’s the latest technology for detecting pancreatic cancer, the best way to cleanse a colon, or the newest treatments for hepatitis. Popular posts and the latest comments are also highlighted on the right, so you can easily find our most topical content and join the conversation. Please enjoy exploring our new site and post comments to let us know what you think!