• Developing a New Combination Treatment for HBV Infection

Developing a New Combination Treatment for HBV Infection

NVR3–778, a capsid assembly modulator, reduces serum levels of hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA and HBV RNA in mice with humanized livers and stable HBV infection, researchers report in the February issue of Gastroenterology. The combination of NVR3–778 and interferon prevented viral replication and HBV RNA particle production to a greater extent than

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Can We Treat Diarrhea by Stimulating Na+ Absorption?

Drugs designed to increase intestinal absorption of sodium might be the best approach for treatment of diarrheal diseases, according to the Advances in Translational Science article in the January issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Acute diarrheal diseases are the second leading cause of of death in children under 5 years

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Can We Treat Chronic HCV Infection Without Interferon?

A potent combination of 2 drugs that directly target the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is effective in patients with chronic infection, and doesn’t require interferon therapy, according to an article in the December issue of Gastroenterology. Patients infected with HCV genotype-1 are usually treated with peginterferon and ribavirin, but approximately

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