• Genetic Analysis of Tumors Could Improve With Proper Controls

Genetic Analysis of Tumors Could Improve With Proper Controls

Up to two thirds of mutations identified in tumors also exist in matched, non-tumor tissues, researchers have found. It is therefore important for oncologists to identify the mutations that actually promote the progression of a patient’s tumor before selecting therapy. The finding, published in Science Translational Medicine on 15 April, comes

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Are There Stem Cells in the Esophagus and Stomach?

Researchers have identified potential stem cells in human esophagus and stomach, as well as those in metaplastic esophagus that could lead to esophageal cancer, according to the April issue of Gastroenterology. Stem cells have been reported to exist in the basal layer of the human esophagus—their progeny are believed to

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Stem Cells Account for Different Fates of Adenomatous and Hyperplastic Polyps

Adenomatous polyps expand the pool of colon stem cells to become malignant, whereas hyperplastic polyps (HPPs) do not, and therefore remain benign, according to a study published in the September issue of Gastroenterology. Many colorectal cancers arise from adenomatous polyps, which contain mutations that inactivate the tumor suppressor APC. These

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