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Apply to be Editor in Chief at The New Gastroenterologist

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Become the next Editor in Chief of an AGA publication!

The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) is now inviting applications for Editor in Chief of its quarterly e-newsletter for trainee and early career GIs, The New Gastroenterologist (TNG). Applications are due on May 2, 2022.

The New Gastroenterologist, a stand-alone section of AGA’s official newspaper GI & Hepatology News, aims to communicate important information for the specific needs and interests of trainees and early-career GIs. Trainees and early-career gastroenterologists encounter unique opportunities and challenges as they enter and navigate research and practice environments, contending with new information on clinical guidance, research, public policy, and continuing education. TNG aims to help young professionals distinguish signal from noise.

Serving as Editor in Chief at TNG is an opportunity aide gastroenterology fellows and gastroenterologists early in their careers and gain valuable editorial and publishing experience, including:

  • Stay current with the latest news and research in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy, and suggest hot topics to be covered in TNG.
  • Identify and invite authors to write content for the newsletter’s feature and columns.
  • Review manuscripts and offer substantive feedback.
  • Write a Letter from the Editor for each issue.
  • Review proofs of content and provide corrections according to deadlines.
  • Provide opinions regarding newsletter policies and procedures as needed.
  • Together with AGA staff:
    • Ensure that editorial processes and policies are efficient, fair, and enforced
    • Establish specifications for the quality, style, and appearance of the newsletter
    • Suggest and evaluate creative ideas related to content (type and delivery)
  • Attend all publications committee meetings twice each year.
  • Participate in the annual GI & Hepatology News board of editors meeting at Digestive Disease Week to review editorial operations, the publisher’s report, advertising revenue, and discuss future initiatives.


Editor in chief Dr. Vijaya Rao says that she was thrilled by her experience at TNG. As a relatively recent graduate from fellowship and a junior faculty member, she had a chance to solicit and edit the journal’s content, adding, “the scope of the journal is impressive; the lineup from a typical TNG issue may include management of intestinal metaplasia, how to create a 529 account, grappling with impostor syndrome, and the influence of productivity on compensation in private practice. It has also allowed me to create an outlet for my own academic interests, such as clinical medical ethics”.

During her time at TNG, Rao created a case-based ethics series covering issues such as inappropriate open-access endoscopy referrals, early liver transplantation in patients with alcoholic hepatitis, and code status prior to endoscopy. “Addressing these issues has been successful in offering practical guidance to young gastroenterologists grappling with similar scenarios”, said Rao, who stated that TNG is one of the only publications to actively discuss ethical issues in gastroenterology and hepatology.

Rao said that serving as editor in chief allowed her to connect with prominent leaders in the field of gastroenterology and provide opportunities to fellows and early-career gastroenterologists to write and review articles. As a member of the AGA publications committee, she had the opportunity to engage in valuable discussions and learn from the renowned editors of the high-impact AGA journals. “I gained perspective on editorial operations, viewing the management of publications through the lens of our incredibly talented AGA publication staff and our publisher,” said Rao, who added that the position involved use of medical social media: “I have used Twitter to promote our content as it is published, spotlight authors, and allow the pieces to have a greater reach, which has been particularly useful throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and has added to the success of TNG“.

Rao concludes that her experience as Editor in Chief at TNG was unparalleled. “The opportunity to translate the questions, challenges, and experiences of early career gastroenterologists into tangible written pieces in the form of a publication is one I truly never thought I would find within a career in medicine. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and it has undoubtedly been my favorite endeavor thus far in my own career. I am excited for the future and growth of the publication in the hands of a new Editor in Chief”.

Interested in this exciting 5-year volunteer position? Submit your application here by May 2, 2022.

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